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About us

The German Golf Club Circuit is organizing golf tournament since 1984. We organize monthly golf outings for members of the German Club, Non-Members and Guests.

38 Years of German Club Golf Tournaments

More About us

GCGC is a unique group of enthusiastic golfers who meet monthly on different golf courses competing to win the coveted annual trophy and title “The Years Champion Golfer” whilst enjoying friendly atmosphere, great comradery and the joys of Golf always played under the Rules of R&A and USGA.

The monthly competitions are exclusively for the members only and based on Stableford Scoring.

Winning Points are awarded to the Top 10 finishers of each tournament. A points total is accumulated from the best 8 tournaments played by any participant.

The player with the highest number of winning points is crowned "The Annual Champion Golfer".

Guests playing, take part in the Guest Competition which is based on SYSTEM 36 scoring.

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The German Golf Club Circuit is organizing golf tournament since 1984. Back then, Klaus Schröder and Stefan Vogt met at a German School event. Talking about golf, they realized that they both new some German Club members and friends who shared their passion for the game of golf. The idea was born to organize a golf tournament among members of the German Club.Our first tournament was held at the Canlubang Golf & Country Club in 1984. Following the initial success, participants agreed to stage monthly tournaments. 

During the early days, organizing tournaments was a challenge. There was no email, no mobile phones. Even fax machines were not common. Communication and announcements were mainly through landline phones and the golf group received assistance from the office of the German Club for the registration of players. 

Over time a group of members formed an organizing committee; namely Klaus Schroeder, Stefan Vogt, Jürgen Warnke, Stefan Ostermeier, Dave Arcenas and Ben Ruiz. 

Since 1985 the group organized a year end tournament. The German garment company Steilmann, the principal of Jürgen Warnke’s garment business, became the main sponsor and the annual two day event was named "Steilmann Cup". They donated beautiful silver trophies for Overall Champion, Low Gross, Class A,B,and Ladies. Several other sponsors joined, namely Lufthansa German Airlines. For over 30 years Lufthansa was one of the main sponsors, donating Business Class round trip tickets to Europe, Thailand and Hong Kong for the winners of the annual championship. They also offered a business class ticket for a hole one, which unfortunately could never be claimed.

The annual tournaments became family affairs: Players, spouses (many of them also players) and dependants all joined the two day events that were held at golf resorts such as Calatagan, Puerto Azul and one time at Baguio CC and John Hay and lately Mount Malarayat. Many guest players also joined. 

The club went international and hosted "Ryder Cup" like events, hosting German golf teams from Singapore, Thailand and Korea. Annual overseas games that included Macau, Southern China, Hongkong , Malaysia, Singapore , Thailand (2X).

Within the Philippines, aside from Baguio, Puerto Azul and Calatagan events were organized in Iloilo, Bacolod, Boracay, Davao, Clark, Subic, Anvaya, Malarayat and Luisita.  

Through the years, the group was chaired by by different members and we had were several volunteers engaged in managing and organizing events. At times in teams of two or as sing

Chair Persons: 

1984 - 1993 Stefan Vogt + Klaus Schröder

1993 - 2007 Klaus Schröder

2007 - 2020 Bill Cammack + Gerhard Kropp

2020 - ongoing Vedit Kurangil + Bernd Jückmann

Over the years the situation of expats in the Philippines changed. This had an impact on the membership and sponsorship. The club needed a reset. When in 2007 Bill and Gerhard took over, the organizational format was changed, sponsorships were structured in new ways. The point system for the year round golf circuit was introduced, a new handicap system was generated, penalty cards were added to the fun. These changes were instrumental to the renewed growth of the group. 

New sponsors were won, who added a new dimension to the club.                        

The sponsors hosted incredible after tournament parties. 

The after tournaments events / awarding ceremonies became legendary, with Gerhard and Bill as incredible hosts! The dynamic duo successfully continued for 13 years. 

Since 2020, Vedit is managing the affairs of the golf circuit. Due to the covid environment our activities are restricted and the number of tournaments  is reduced. Unfortunately the after-golf events are paused for now. We have added new features such as monthly circulars, updating members on the recent tournament, points standing and upcoming events. He receives great assistance from his wife Diana and Bernd.

For the past 3 years, the Official Sponsor of GCGC is Etihad Airways. The Annual Price for the Champion Golfer is Business Class Ticket to any Etihad Destination in Europe. We are grateful, that Etihad has confirmed to continue the sponsorship also  during 2022!

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