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Originally Membership to GCGC was limited to those who were members of The German Club Manila only. However, this restriction was eased in the recent years. Non members of the German Club can apply to become members of the Golf Circuit.  An annual membership fee of Php2,000.00 is applied.

Funds received are added on to the Golf Circuit funds. The funds are spent on year end dinners, trophies and raffle prices.

We welcome guests to all our tournaments but cannot win year end trophy and prize.

38 Years of German Club Golf Tournaments

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The rules of golf as set out by the USGA, and R & A shall apply unless      modified by local rules. All players should be aware of these rules and adhere to same. If unsure about the ruling players should consult playing partners for correct ruling and ensure their score marker agrees with the ruling.

  • GCGC uses the following Tee Boxes for all games;

  • White Tees – All Men

  • Red Tees -    All Women

However, as we have aging membership there may be exceptions to above and some male members may use Red Tees should they decide as long as they advise Committee of their preference before the start of the round.

  • Slow play should be avoided. A flight should be arriving at the tee-box when the flight in front is already playing their next shot.

  • "Ready golf" should be practiced. Players do not have to tee off in order of scores from the previous hole.

  • To assist with the speed of the game those players who are not likely to score any points should “pick up” and record “X” on the card.                       

  • There are two options when a player hits a ball out of bounds (OOB). First is to re-hit from the same spot with a one stroke penalty. Second is to drop a ball at the nearest point of relief where the ball went out of bounds with a two-stroke penalty. To speed up play, if you are not sure of your ball being OOB players are encouraged to hit a “provisional ball” from the same spot they hit OOB before going to look for the original ball. If the original ball is found to be not OOB, original ball must be played on making the “provisional ball” obsolete.


  • There are NO Gimme puts at GCGC. All players must put out.

  • Caddies are not permitted to fill out the scorecards. That is the responsibility of the players. Players should swap scorecards on the first tee. The player marking your card is your “marker”. At the end of the round, you should check your scores on your card and once agreed on the scores with your marker, you should sign the card and hand in your card to designated collector of score cards for recording. Once cards are submitted there will be no more adjustments/ corrections. Any corrections on scores should be done before submitting to collector.

The monthly competitions are exclusively for the members only and based on Stableford Point (SFP) Scoring calculated on each member’s GCGC allocated Handicap. Handicapping is explained under “GCGC HANDICAPPING”.


Guests playing, take part in the Guest Competition which is based on SYSTEM 36 scoring.


At the end of the round all scorecards are handed to Scorer who will enter each score into GCGC Scoring Excel sheet where each score is automatically calculated by the system on Stableford points.

The final SFP is then listed highest to lowest with Top 10 Scores receiving Winner Points (WP) which is added towards to overall year WP total. IN the case of a tie in SFP, count back system applied checking the SFP points on reverse order from 18th hole.

The corresponding Winner Points for the Top 10 are as follows;


  • Winner 1st Position                20 WP

  • Runner Up 2nd Position         16 WP

  • 3rd Position                             13 WP

  • 4th Position                             11 WP

  • 5th Position                               9 WP

  • 6th Position                              7 WP

  • 7th Position                              5 WP

  • 8th Position                              3 WP

  • 9th Position                              2 WP

  • 10th Position                            1 WP


In addition to above WP, we also recognize the Lowest Gross Score recorded by a member and reward the Low Gross with 5 WP.


Those who wish to enter their score for the “Low Gross” cannot “pick up” and record “double par” as it is the practice on SFP games.

For Low Gross every shot needs to be played.



GCGC has its own unique Handicapping System whereby Handicaps are adjusted depending on each member’s SFP points after each round.

For new joining members with an established WHS Handicap the starting Handicap will be the present HC less 2 shots. E.g., a player with WHS handicap of 17 will be given starting HC of 15.

For new joining members without an established WHS Handicap the starting Handicap will be allocated after 3 rounds of golf where the scorer will calculate adjusted scores for each round and will take the average of three rounds.

Maximum Handicap for all members is set to be 40.

Adjustment of handicap downwards (reduction of handicap)-

  • For every SFP point scored over 36 handicap is decreased by these extra points. (e.g., A player scores 39 points his/her handicap will be reduced by 3 shots (39-36).

  • The handicap of winner of the round and receives 20WP is reduced by min 2 shots regardless of his score (if less than 36 SFP)


Adjustment of handicap upwards (increase of handicap)-

  • Every player’s handicap will be increased by one shot if the          score is less than 36 HCP.

No Adjustment of Handicap-

  • A player who scores 36 points does not have his/her handicap      adjusted.

  • A player whose SFP points are less than 36 but is in the Top 10 list and receives WP does not have his/her handicap adjusted.

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